Five Things To Look For In A Cleaning And Property Maintenance Service

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During the pandemic, cleaning and making sure the place was properly sanitized was becoming the norm. People were afraid of catching the virus so spent time working on social distance, digitally connecting with one another, wearing masks, and sanitizing themselves. Most companies and businesses changed the way they were handling processes, and few people were coming into work to get anything done and were all coordinating remotely.

When it comes to cleaning, unfortunately, we did not have much of a choice but had to coordinate in person. It was challenging for us to get work at the start of the pandemic because people were not open to having others come into their homes to clean because there were chances that they could catch the virus. However, eventually, they made some changes, and following all the rules, were open to going to their homes and getting through the process. 

More than a year into the pandemic, offices started opening their buildings again, and we were finding ourselves with a lot more work than we were tackling before. We had a lot of work with common places like lobbies and public areas needing constant cleaning while offices also had to be cleaned before the staff started getting back to work because they had been shit for more than a year. Here are some pointers people should look out for when getting through the process to ensure they are working with the best team available.

1. Team cleaning professional
You do not want to be working with someone who is figuring out what they are getting into, nor do you want to be working with someone who is handling the process as a side gig. Work with professionals who know how to deal with the process and clean up the room and office following all methods and processes possible. Additionally, some aspects cannot be handled easily but would need some time to get through. You want to ensure they know what they are working around and how to get through the process. Additionally, they would know about some chemicals on specific surfaces and how they would have an effect while others might not work and damage the fabric.

2. Regular staff
It’s important to work with a company trying to keep the same person coming to your home or business over and over again. This way the quality of work that you get used to will never change. Furthermore, a process where you are dealing with the same person leads to some familiarity which makes coordinating easier, especially in times where you are unsure about where people have been and how safe they are staying.

3. Go the extra mile
It’s important to find a company, it's not just about the money. And they go above and beyond to provide the whole package. If everything is an additional charge and it’s not about the quality of the product. Go through the services the company you are working with provides and see if they make sense. Additionally, double-check the costs of other packages and at other stores so you would get an understanding of their cost structure. It is not about the amount paid if the service they provide is significantly better, but if you are paying higher for the same service, you could probably get a better deal elsewhere.

4. Are professional
Is your company coming in uniform for identification purposes, so you always know who is standing at your front door. The team you are working with should be professional and should have some basic rules they follow. Some companies have people who come in uniforms when they are getting through the process while others might not. If you want to have a professional team, you should talk to the company that does. There are other aspects of the way they handle their job that they should be given credit for. The way they speak to clients or the way they behave around them should be professional, and there are other changes they have to get through as well. 

5. Offer flexible schedules
You are a busy individual with many responsibilities. Does your company accommodate your schedule, or are you unable to fulfill the task? We find the company accommodating the client being something that’s also very important to look for. Not everyone can wait for their cleaning team to clean at the same time every day, and you want to make sure you are working with a company that can accommodate and change their schedule according to your convenience. It can be challenging if there is no one at home to assist so you want to be talking to a team who would be able to help get through the process with ease. Additionally, some companies have various teams who are in a better position to change depending on your schedule to accommodate you.

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