The Clearly Clean Team’s Service Handbook

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Cleaning your home or office, while absolutely necessary, can be a stressful proposition. Similarly, moving into a new home or moving out often necessitates cleaning to prepare the area for new occupants. If you’re looking for stress-free comprehensive cleaning, you need to prepare and be organized. At the same time, you need a cleaning company capable of handling the responsibility.

At Clearly Clean Team, we offer a range of residential and commercial cleaning services that are customizable to your needs. We are alert, quick, and efficient, which allows us to meet all your cleaning needs as per your schedule and offer personalized services that you can count on for the long term. For more details on how we ensure a spotless home and an always professional-looking office, here’s a handbook to our cleaning services.

Our services

1. Complete property maintenance solutions
We offer property maintenance handymen, contracting services, and other value-enhancing services, excluding grass and snow care. We have experience in finishing work, plumbing, and drywall installation and repair. We also do paint upgrades and refinishing services, lighting upgrades and installations, electrical repairs and upgrades, and the installation of replacement fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and HVAC systems. All of our trades are performed by grade eight professionals who are fully licensed and certified.

2. Residential and commercial cleaning
Apart from the maintenance, we are a complete cleaning and detailing service team providing cleaning services to residential and commercial properties. Our team brings experience, satisfaction, and pride to every household and workspace.

3. Move-in, move-out, detailing, and construction clean-ups
Besides property maintenance and cleaning services, we provide move-in and out cleaning and detailing services like caulking of bathrooms and tiles, making the area look brand new. If needed, we also remove and recaulk the area and offer construction clean-up, ensuring you can move into your home as soon as possible.

4. Appliance, interior windows, cleaning
From the interiors of ovens to fridges, cabinetry, and all of your appliances, we clean everything. We clean in between the interior, exterior window cells, and anywhere you get all of that black grime that builds up over the years.

5. Smart home set-ups, business IT solutions, network cabling, and CCTV systems
Apart from cleaning and maintenance, we are also certified providers of smart home set-ups, IT solutions, and network cabling that helps our customers stay in touch and connected.

What makes us a great choice?
Since the day we started our company nearly three years ago, our mission has changed the way you see clean. In other words, we are raising the bar and your expectations to a higher level. We include everything in our services at no additional cost without making exceptions for our high standards.

Our cleaning crews are professionally trained and constantly upgraded on new trends and cleaning processes. Similarly, we are fully bonded and insured, meaning that you can have peace of mind when we enter your home whether you’re there or not. 

If you’d like to learn more about our cleaning services, reach out to us at Clearly Clean Team. As leading residential and commercial cleaners in Markham, ON, we strive to render the cleanest homes and offices and the highest standard of service. Our team has over thirty years of combined cleaning experience, which allows us to provide clients with a sparkling fresh space.

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