Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring Cleaning Services

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Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, free time isn’t always free. With busy work and family schedules, the time-strapped owners often have very little time to take care of and maintain their space. In such instances, having a cleaning company handle these cleaning tasks can be a lifesaver. Expert cleaning companies have experience and skills and know which home or office areas often require more attention.

Unfortunately, due to urgency, many people tend to rush and choose the wrong company for the job and fail to recognize the efforts that go into delivering excellent cleaning results. So to help you avoid costly errors while hiring a cleaning company, Clearly Clean Team has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when hiring cleaning services.

1. Choosing a service based on price and not quality
It’s essential to choose a cleaning service that’s within your budget and provides quality service. But when you try to cut costs, you may not get the cleaning outcomes you’re looking for. Our advice is to compare service prices, but don’t make a decision based solely on cost, look for service excellence too.

2. Using a company that bases their service on time
When you hire a cleaning company that bases their services on time, it’s more likely that few necessary corners will be cut while still charging you for the entire treatment. An experienced cleaning company will take the time to work around your expectations and make you aware of what’s covered before beginning the cleaning tasks.

3. Not checking the scope of work
When hiring a cleaning service, it’s essential to know the scope of work as it lays out the job you want the company to perform. It mainly includes a list of cleaning duties, such as daily cleaning of equipment and furniture and so on. So make sure to have a scope of work so both the parties know what to expect from the cleaning job.

4. Hiring a company with temporary staff
You will want to have a steady flow of cleaning crew coming in and out of your property. When a company has full-time staff, they’re most likely to provide excellent service every time they clean. So make sure to choose an established company with a permanent staff of satisfied employees.

5. Choosing any unregistered cleaning companies
First things first, ensure that the cleaning company you hire is registered to protect you from fraud or scams which involve unregistered entities, people, and products. Look for a cleaning crew that shows up in a cleaning uniform. You’ll be able to gauge their level of professionalism and if they are trusted individuals for the job.

To avoid other mistakes like these, reach out to the experts at Clearly Clean Team. We are residential and commercial cleaners in Markham, ON, offering complete cleaning and property maintenance services. We have a team of professional experts with over thirty years of combined cleaning experience who know how to clean your property quickly and easily.

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